Contract Production

We have over 50 years experience in the vegetable seed production business. We specialize in the production of seeds of Cauliflower, Cabbage, Radish, Pakchoi, Okra, Carrot, Kohl Rabi, Coriander, Spinach and are focussed on quality, physical and genetic purity . We assure our overseas customers that they can have complete confidence in us in respect of the secrecy of their varieties and stock seed when entrusted to us.

We grow and supply into markets worldwide including Europe,Asia and Africa. All vegetable seed crops are produced under proper isolation system that ensures all crops have sufficient isolation from other fields of the same family thus ensuting maximum level of genetic purity. Our customers can send their stockseed to us for multiplication and we re export back to them. Our winter crops are sown in September to October and summer crops in February.

We have research and trial facilities available and have best and modern seed cleaning plants. With a hard core of efficient seed growers under wide range of agro climate conditions in different parts of the country, it is possible to produce seed almost throughout the year in the relatively disease free environment.We ensure that your stock seed is grown to its fullest potential by highly experienced growers.

The production areas are continuously monitored at different stages by our field staff who have many years experience with a wide range of vegetable crops for seed production. You are supplied with detailed crop reports and photographs at regular intervals throughout the growing season.

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