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Field Day 2015

Durga Seed is a specialized company with decades of experience in research, production, processing and marketing of high performing open pollinated and hybrid vegetable seed varieties.

 Under the leadership of Mr. Subhash Mahajan with its principal office at Chandigarh , India , Durga Seed Farm (Regd.) originated in 1969 with the production of Cauliflower Snowball -16 seed for the first time in India . Since then, the company has introduced various high performing products and has laid great emphasis on Research, Production and Quality Control.

 Durga Seeds organized a Field Day on 20th December,2015 at their Reserach and Demonstration Station located at Village Natwal, Distt Panchkula, Haryana where they displayed their complete range of winter season vegetable varieties like Cauliflower, Tomato, Carrot, Cabbage, Kohl Rabi, Turnip, Beet Root, Cowpeas, Beans, Laffa (Yard Long Beans), Peas, Singra, Radish, Brinjal, Coriander, Palak, Methi, Pakchoi, Chilli, Capsicum and Amaranthus.

 The event was attended by selected Distributors,Dealers and farmers from all over India and also overseas customers from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc as well . Also renowned Agriculture research scientists from ICAR Institutions and State Agriculture Universities were present

 During the field day, delegates gathered knowledge about how Durga Seeds evaluate and test seeds of various vegetable crops at their Research and Development farms. They also observed how the company maintain genetic and physical purity of different crops. All the experience and knowledge gained during this field day not only will help the delegates understand their business better with Durga Seeds but also will help them gain valuable knowledge in the field of vegetable seeds.